Gezira Golf Club History

The Gezira Club has a long, chequered history, and so does golf in the club.

geriza golf club
photo provided by The Huffington Post

The Club, according to some sources was founded in circa 1882 by the British forces that had just been victorious at Tel el Kebir. The first horse races were run in 1883, on grounds that were part of the botanical gardens of the Gezira Palace (now the Marriot Hotel) built by Khedeive Ismail for the opening of the Suez Canal. On 4th November 1886, 146 Feddans of these gardens (a feddan is slightly more than an acre) were leased to the Khedeival Club (the name was later changed to Gezira in 1914) and thus the first Sporting Club in Egypt was launched as an equestrian Club with a golf course partly encompassed by the race track, and it was known as the Cairo Golf Club.

The oldest Club Tournament is the Egyptian Army Cup; it has been played since 1905. The trophy was presented by several Egyptian Army officers and the contestants belonged to the occupying British Army.

The golf course in Gezira is one of the oldest in Africa and probably the oldest in the Middle East, as such it was thought fitting to launch a website for the Gezira Club Golf Course, a course that has survived for over a century in spite of the odds stacked against it.

In 1950 the Government exercised the right of eminent domain to expropriate the northern part of the club to build the Mohamed Ali stadium but luckily the 1952 coup d’etat occurred and the Club, along with golf, were saved for a while.

In 1957 the new regime took the entire southern part of the club and converted it into football fields for underprivileged children. The club was left with 53 Feddans.

Due to the efforts exerted by many, including Messers. Nour El Dine Tarraf, Sayed Marei, Mamdouh Salem and Mahmoud Erfan, the 9-hole course survived the years and holds a special place in the heart of every Egyptian golfer.

The site includes multimedia, a video of every hole on the course, a photo gallery, tournament schedules, handicaps of members etc…

I am certain that all golfers will enjoy their visit to the site, both those familiar with the course and those who are planning a visit to the Egyptian capital.

This is the course that was the home of the renowned Egyptian Open and was played by such golfing notables as Bobby Locke, Gary Player, Peter Alliss, Cary Middlecoff, Angel Miguel, Fred Daly, Christy O’Connor, Ugo Grappasonni and Hassan Hassanein.

The Course at Gezira welcomes all, both members and non-members, to play a round of golf on this legendary course that is in the midst of bustling downtown Cairo, on the lush, fertile island of Zamalek.

Although the website no longer exists as a golf club we have added this page courtesy of the web archive in order to help it live on.  You can read more about why it closed on this page.